Sonus Veritas

Customer Feedback

“Joe, my first impression of the Venice was “Oh my, I can’t believe the dynamics from my record”.  Please understand, I had listened to my Chick Corea record for years, so I understood how it sounded.  I did not expect a tube phono preamplifier to be fast, dynamic, and extremely rhythmic.  I didn’t expect the bass to be so deep either.  I did expect the lush midrange and the highs that soared.  After playing record after record, I was wondering if the Venice was THAT GOOD or was the 3AM listening session wearing me out; 3AM, I can’t believe how long I have been listening.  The sound seemed very natural and real.  Anyone who doubts the sound of vinyl should hear the Venice and listen to vinyl the correct way.”  - G,  NC

“I am so happy with the Genoa.  The Genoa allowed my source units, the Venice and the Modena, to express the music without color.  This is something that I wasn’t use to hearing.  After comparing it with another linestage I own, my son said it’s not even close dad; the Genoa is better (I am sorry Jeff Rowland, he’s right).  Specifically, it’s what the Genoa doesn’t do that is so impressive to me.  This linestage is dead quiet.  The noise free Genoa allows the music to flow without degradation.  I am a music lover and it is awesome to hear my cherished records and CD’s sound so natural and free. When I turn up the volume, the music sounds like live music and the dynamics seem to have no ceiling.  I love it!”  -  T,   PA

“Joe, I thought I would give you my initial thoughts about the Modena.  Please note, I am listening to music this morning as I write this email.  This is pretty normal for me.  I can’t think of a better way to get the day going in the right direction.   As expected, the Sonus Veritas sound was very evident.  My expectation for quickness, authority, and grace was remarkably exceeded.  I listened to a wide range of CD’s and found the Modena to be opened to playing anything.  It’s been my observation that high end audiophile equipment is usually made for jazz, soft rock, and classical music.  The Modena proved it could “boogie”.  I played a few R&B CD’s that sounded so good, I had to dance (don’t worry, I am a pretty good dancer). What really impressed me with the Modena is the ability to give energy to the smallest details of the music.  This made the music sound more coherent; more than I am use to with digital music.  It’s amazing all this was accomplished while the Modena still needs a few more break-in hours.  This is one awesome DAC!”  - W,  Raleigh, NC  

“Applause for your Genoa linestage !  Today I listened to one of my personal reference LP’s; a Telarc recording of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, of which I have personal confirming experience, and the improvement in transparency was remarkable…. Having heard this very performance in the same recording hall, I know the way it SHOULD sound and that is astonishingly close to what I am hearing with your linestage. The most improvement is in definition in the mid-bass on up (at least to my aging ears). I can hear internal tones that I could only expect to hear with live music. There is a quietness in the ASO hall which isn’t really all that quiet and your linestage has just now defined the imperfection. Previously, the quiet passages of this Mozart piece were, well, quiet. Now, the noise (it’s an acknowledged building vibration no one can overcome without building another hall) is clear in the reproduction, for the first time !  Everyone loves Mozart just like I love this performance and I have come closer to actually hearing what Robert Shaw wanted me to hear in his orchestra’s performance than with any other audio equipment I’ve ever known.” - A,  TN

“I’m delighted to report that I finally got my act together and engaged in a long listening session with the Venice phono stage last night.  It sounded truly magnificent and it’s not yet fully broken in, but I’ll be working on that.  So naturally I hauled out my fave test LP’s, and got going.  From the first 10 seconds I could hear large improvements!  I heard lots more tone, color, inner detail, and dynamics.  Whew! I’ll call this The Windex Effect: as if I’d been listening through a curtain which was then removed.  Not subtle, thrilling! All I wanted to do was to sit and listen, forget Wimbledon. That’s when I knew that I have “the sound”.  So, I’m extremely pleased. This unit somehow renders the system more alive, more vivid. Analog rules!  You’ve created a wonderful design here…”  - S, OH

“Joe, I’ve been listening to it for several days but haven’t had a chance to get back to you on the Venice. Well, the bottom line first; this thing sounds great, much better than I had expected…. The most striking improvement I hear is a real change on the ‘edges’ of the musical instruments, even more transparent than the previous version with light and detailed precision. Violins, and strings in general, especially are improved. ….Now, the clouds have cleared away and as a listener I have moved from a balcony seat to the orchestra level in what was already a sonically beautiful hall. That is the most obvious improvement and I could go on and on, (and will, if you like, I could write glowing recommendations anytime you want)  but I kind of think you already know all this. However, I do want to say these are impressions I am reporting after listening to the phono-stage with my backup phono cartridge and amp. I haven’t had the inclination (or opportunity) to connect my best equipment just yet. I anticipate it will only get better.  As that stupid TV commercial says; “a definite wow factor !”  ” - R, Chapel Hill, NC

“A very interesting thing happened last week. While my wife is on call, I get to play music louder than usual and my kids and I all get in on the fun. While listening to some rock and roll on vinyl I decided to do a late night a/b preamp comparison. When I did, my daughter said that the second one sounded funny, not as good (this was the “other” preamp)  I too agreed, the Sonus Veritas Genoa preamp overall sounded better. My children wanted the Genoa back in the set up I have been listening to the Genoa now for three solid months, and I must say, that the comparison sure brought out the merits of the Genoa…no question” - G, NV

“Back from my trip today I spent a couple of hours doing some critical listening. One of my personally developed five points of evaluation is the musicality of the equipment. For that point, the Genoa is, by god, the most musical piece of equipment I ever remember hearing and, I know absolutely it is the most musical equipment I have ever owned!  It surpasses the Audio Research … Ok. I am a weak man and I am neglecting some things I need to do but I had to plug it in and listen just a little. Very first impression:  I was stunned, STUNNED I tell you, by how amazingly quiet this piece is!  So quiet, I thought I had the wrong input switched on at first. Next, it usually takes a mild push on the throttle for my Maggies to start to sing but right now I am playing at conversation levels (at 2 on the volume markings) and those speakers are singing already. I haven’t pushed any further yet. “  - D,  TN